Where Have We BEEN??-NABUR #4

On the final episode of Series 1 of the Nerd and His Brother, Jamie and Eliot discuss Disney, Nintendo, and where they have been.

The Nerd and Brother Podcast will return Fall 2017…

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Created by: Jamie and Eliot Watson

Hosts: Jamie and Eliot Watson

Unnecessary Government Oversight by: Jamie Watson

Cash Transferred to Ben and Jerry’s Holdings in the Middle East by: Eliot Watson

Totally Definitely Not Dead Still Perfectly Fine No Cause for Legal Action: Riley Chapman

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Patreon and Errors

This podcast is just getting started and I don’t want to pull the early bird in front of the sheep’s eyes (I think I’m saying that right) but with SoundCloud minutes adding up I was thinking if anyone would be interested in doing the monthly pledges to support the show. I’m trying to gauge support before basing the entire podcast on this, but if some people would be doing it some rewards might be early access to clips, exclusive access, exclusive shout-outs, and down the road it would definitely expand. So if you would let me know

a) in the comments but the website is finicky so maybe the second option

b) contacting us at the contact form might be best.


Also (and I said this before) we want to improve the website into more than just a home for our podcast, so what do you want to see here (other than the odd errors fixed)?


P.S you might get an error if you click on a page and try to click back to the home page saying the site is unsafe, it’s the same site, just change the https in the url to http and it should work temporarily. We are working on fixes and appreciate your patience.

Jamie out, and ironically I’ve posted more on here recently than I did on Riley’s Backpack xD.

Hope you enjoyed the show, and never ever forget to


Will NABUR Press the BUTTON??! feat. Henry -NABUR #3

This week on the podcast it’s just Jamie and Riley, Eliot being at school. But they had a very special guest that makes this very special show very.. well special.

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Created By: Jamie Watson and Eliot Watson

This Week’s Hosts: Jamie Watson, Riley Chapman, and Henry Pharris

And very special thank you to Henry for being on this week’s show.

Trumpet Rights Activist: Riley Chapman

Loser of Important Files: Jamie Watson

Noticeably Absent: Eliot Watson

Attempting to Fill the Void Left by the Absence of Eliot: Henry Pharris

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Unnamed and Half Finished-NABUR #2


The second show got deleted halfway through, but the first half should be enjoyable! Eliot creamed me in the debate, and we sang an amazing Share With Your Friends that we will eventually redo. Listen on soundcloud to review/sub/download here!

PS. If we were to put more content on the website, what would you want on it? (guest authors, outtakes, etc.)

Website: nerdandbrother.com
Email: nerdandbrother@gmail.com

Created By: Jamie and Eliot Watson

Hosted By: Jamie and Eliot Watson

Special Guest Host: Riley Chapman

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Welcome to The Show (NABUR #1)

As the first show, we take some time to introduce you to the show, discuss the REAL reason Curious George likes the man in the yellow hat, and do a Free Lunch Live!

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Email: nerdandbrother@gmail.com

Created By: Jamie and Eliot Watson

Hosted By: Jamie and Eliot Watson

Special Guest Host: Riley Chapman

Theme By Victoria/bittersweetlyirrevocable, you can read her posts here.


We Are Live!

NABUR is finally here! Premiering May 1st with the whole cast (usually Riley included), you can listen to it here and SoundCloud, but until then there are some things you can do here!

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